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Energy (Electricity & Gas)

The price of Energy has increased dramatically in recent years with more increases expected.  At EMS our goal is to reduce the amount your business spends on Energy. We can do this in two ways:

1) Through our network of energy retailers we can help find the most competitive pricing and terms.

2)  Reducing your energy consumption with a range of energy saving solutions. 

LED Lighting

LED lighting is one of the easiest ways to reduce energy consumption and protect the environment. By replacing your existing lighting with LED you will save up to 60% of the lighting component of your electricity bill. There are significant government subsidies available for those businesses wanting to retrofit LED lighting - EMS will assist and ensure that you receive all available subsidies.

Solar Systems

Installing a Commercial Solar System is the best way to reduce your energy bills. Millions of households and businesses have already gone solar and are reaping the rewards as a result. Some businesses are put off by the cost of going Solar but they needn't be as there are different ways to take advantage of Solar that involve little or no upfront cost. 

Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA) - This program is run by the Sustainable Melbourne Fund and implemented by local councils. Involves no upfront payments, can apply in a tenant/landlord or owner operator situation. This program is always structured so that there are savings from month one.

Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) - Involves an energy company installing a solar system and the business agreeing to purchase the electricity that is generated at a reduced rate - typically at least 20% less than they are currently paying. Savings to the business are realised from month one.

Energy Audits

An Energy Audit can be an good important step towards implementing a successful energy management program and reducing your energy costs. An energy audit analyses your sites energy usage and costs, checks your energy tariffs to make sure your not being overcharged, looks for energy wastage, and identifies options to save energy and costs.  Government subsidies for the audit are available to many businesses and if a business chooses to adopt some of the recommendations they may also receive subsidy to assist in implementing the changes.

Network Tariff Analysis

Electricity Network Operators review and change their tariffs each year and we recommend that businesses undertake an annual Network Tariff Analysis as well to ensure that they are on the appropriate one. This has the potential to save a business thousands of dollars if they found to be on an incorrect tariff.


Telecommunications and IT

Office Based Phone Systems

The recent move to cloud based IP telecommunication solutions provides business with an opportunity to simplify their current setup and save money at the same time. Our telecommunication suppliers will analyse an organisation’s current billing and setup, and suggest options that may provide greater flexibility and cheaper call costs. Moving to an IP based phone system has the potential to save a business a significant amount as well as providing more features and flexibility.

IT Services

Our IT partner/supplier provides business solutions that include super fast Fibre connections, best in class cloud-based email security infrastructure and technology, offsite cloud based backups and email and network security. These are a must for any small or medium organisation.

Business Insurance

Business Insurance can be complicated and time consuming. Protecting assets and minimising risk is fundamental to us and our business is not just about finding the most competitive quotes but working with you to reduce claims and minimise business disruption. We can assist with all types of business insurance including General Insurance, PI insurance and Workcover.

Business Insurance

Too often insurance policies are renewed each year with no thought to reviewing to see whether the policy is still correct and competitive. Businesses should review their policy to see check they are not over or under insured as well as seeing whether the premium is competitive. 

Workcover Premium Review

Workers Compensation can often be the largest insurance cost for business. Our insurance partner provides a unique service that will identify any previous over-payments which result in a refund and ensure your Workers Compensation premium structure is compliant. Any over-payments can be claimed back for up to four years and there is only a charge IF we are able to identify savings (no win no fee).


If you would like any more information on the above services do not hesitate to contact EMS.